I teach internationally and have run workshops in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Holland.

I was the Program Chair for EuroSynergy in Malta, 2014 and EuroSynergy2 in Bordeaux, 2016.

I am also much involved in online teaching. In November 2010, I launched my first online masterclass (Butterfly Beads) with participants from Australia, Holland, Serbia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and the USA. The online Hollow Beads course was my second online masterclass.


I am the founder of Voila!, ( a Europe-based community website for the world’s polymeristas. With inspiration from Europe’s cultural heritage, Voila! helps members take their work to new artistic heights. I regularly run critiquing and creativity courses on Voila!.


Bomba won 2nd Prize in Progress and Possibilities 2010 competition.

Desert Blood won 1st Prize in The Bead Contest, Bead Magazine 2009.

Three of my pieces were shortlisted in Progress and Possibilities 2008, a competition organised by the International Polymer Clay Association in the United States.


I draw my inspiration from the many cultural landscapes of my life-path. Born in Belgium, I have lived in the Middle-East, Morocco, Canada, UK, Malta and Belgium. After a career in healthcare computing in Canada and Europe, I now devote my creativity to art and writing. My jewellery pieces are made mostly from polymer clay, a synthetic compound consisting of PVC and plasticisers imparting malleability to the clay. I prefer to use non tinted clay which I infuse with pigments. This affects the chemical properties of the clay, allowing me to push the possibilities of the medium further to achieve more subtle color and texture effects.

The potential of polymer clay as an artistic medium has yet to be unlocked and I am excited at working at the forefront to shape its future.

I have sold internationally, in Canada, Belgium, USA and the UK.